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For this personal based project, I wanted to create a series that came from simple inspiration. I didn't want to have them planned out beforehand however, I wanted to give myself some guidelines to make the series feel consistent. 


Something I have always been very interested in is culture. So I wanted to create a poster that focused on a different country somewhere on Earth. I wanted to incorporate physical places into each poster as well as things that surprised me or stuck with me as I gathered my inspiration.

Azerbaijan_V3 2.jpg


A small middle eastern country. This dessert was what I expected of this country however, I was mistaken. Azerbaijan actually has a huge population for its size, almost 10 million. So naturally, they have large cities. Baku is one of these cities with their famous "Flame Towers" 

Belarus_V3 2.jpg


Considered the last dictatorship in Europe. Lukashenko has been the "president" since the early 90s. They are particularly strict with people visiting their country and aren't known to be the friendliest.  

Cambodia_V3.1 2.jpg


With a strong contrast between the bustling city and ancient ruins. I find this dynamic unique, I can only hope that their future generations can continue to preserve the fragile ruins as they country quickly expands.


YEMEN - 004

One of many countries caught in the cross fires of war. How does one perserve tradition and ancient customes when everyday is focused on survival? A man walks his son to school every day to make sure he gets there safely. What is a normal life for the people of Yemen?

Estonia_V4 2.jpg


The gem of Europe, Estonia has done quite well for itself over the years. With its strong economy and diverse features. There is much to do and see in this small country. It also has the highest number of supermodels per capita than any other country.



On the coastline in the middle east, with visits from whale sharks. Local residents go to a beach to find cell service. What will advancement in technology bring for the people of Djibouti?

South Korea_V1.jpg


South Korea is known for a dish called, "Sannakji" which is eating a young live octopus. With many other disticnt features about the country from the strong contrast of North Korea. 



Many interesting and unique features. The thing that struck me as most interesting, was that Finland has the highest per capita of heavy metal bands. 

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