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Create an app that is an all in one "go-to" place for Associates and customers.




  • View Rank and Goals for next rank

  • View Earnings for self and team.

  • Shopping features

  • View Commissions

  • View Promotions/Deals

  • Stay up-to-date on Company News

  • Access to Training Materials/Videos

  • Access to Mareketing Materials






For this prototype, I decided to take the approach of an onboarding experience for our Associates. The goal for my users was to complete the onboarding experience and then ask them what are some of the highlights of the new app.


Using Sketch to create each screen, I used InVision to create the prototype that you can view HERE



We did a 15-minute moderate test with 5 different coworkers. This provided me with qualitative data and my colleagues gave helpful insight. 


  • Everyone liked the look and layout of the app.

  • Most felt like the app very was easy to use and navigate.

  • A lot of them said liked the simplicity of it compared to the current one.


  • All wanted more of the prototype built out. 

  • People from sales wanted to see how the Commission page would be displayed (I talk about this more in the next section)

  • Some thought it would be helpful to be able to create "tickets" or product issue sheets to send to customer service through the app.





So I loved working on this project and I felt like it would be hugely beneficial for everyone to implement this. With overall great feedback from some VPs and other coworkers I was ready to give this my all. 

However, despite that most agreed that this layout would have been much more successful than the current app, this project was essentially let go. The company was still a new company and schedules, budgets, and employees were already had a lot on their plates. The company felt like they didn't have the time or money to work on introducing and developing a new app.

So a challenge I came across when designing this app was that Promotions/Deals were constantly changing and due to lack of time I was given to work on the project, I skipped that section for the time being. I also skipped the Commissions page because the Company VPs were still working and updating how Commissions worked. 


  • I would love to have built out the entire app so that users could ask more questions and see how all the essential components of the app worked. 

  • A suggesting was to put the Sales Points of each product next to the price for the Associates.

  • I should have gotten more input from the Operations team. I know that in the past we had release products that would sell out within the hour and almost everytime we would oversell because we couldn't turn products off fast enough. It would have been helpful to ask what their thoughts were on what features that app should include. 


This project needed more time to work on getting all the key features into the app so that we could really test how they would work out. I know this project would have been a big undertaking for the company in the beginning but in the long run would have saved them a lot of trouble.


Especially for our Customer Support team. It seemed like they got a lot of calls on issues that customers and Associates should have been able to solve or do themselves without calling in. 



I thought the best was to understand what the app would be by conducting short interviews with people in the company like the VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and Top Distributors/Associates.


What I learned:

  • Having a single places to go to for everything was a very apparent need. Keeping track of where some announcement and deals are being made vs others made communication troublesome.Things like seeing; company news, earnings, goals, shopping, orders, training, etc..

  • Our Distributors/Associates said they need one place to view their teams, their teams earnings, and their own personal earnings. 

  • A shopping experience that has all the BeneYOU products easily organized is a must.

  • Having a single location for Training and File Assets would be hugely beneficial for everyone. 



BeneYOU was the coming together of three distinct direct-selling businesses; M.Global, Jamberry and Avisae Each with it's own unique products, brand, and personalities, were united to form a single company. The marketing team, including myself, struggled to bring these different identities into one cohesive brand. We decided to create a parent company for the three brands. BeneYOU was formed, branded and became the new identity.


There became a lot of stress on creating a website and app that would be simple enough for all users to understand. The company developers said the fastest way to keep our website running together is by just updating one we already were using. 


This app that I am showing below is the app I proposed, become the new app for the company. 


My role in this project has included the following:

  • Research

  • Defining the Problem

  • Creating the design

  • Final Prototype

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